About Us

New Hot Tubs display in Epicentr store

New Decking Proposals

For all new decking inquires, please email the following information to decking@decksandspas.com


Name for the file

Phone Number

If able to, Photos or Dimensions of existing deck or prospective land you wish to have a deck built on.

If you have Material of New Deck in mind.

Hot Tub Interest

We recommend coming into our show room and seeing the many spas we have on our floor at all times.

If you are interested in wet testing our spas, we recommend calling in advance, as to make sure we are able to assist you with finding a good time where are show room isn’t being viewed by others. As to allow you more privacy while wet testing the spas.


8567 Willows RD NE Redmond, WA 98052

Mon.-Sat.:  10am-6pm

Sundays:   12-5pm


Spa Repairs 

For spa Serving in terms of repairs, part orders, and cover orders. Please email us photos and all information needed to better understand the repair at hand. You may also call the store number for more information.




For any and all cleaning appointments. Please email or call the store number and select cleaning department.




For the delivery department for spa updates, spa moves, and spa pads. Please email or call the store number and select the delivery department.



Chemical Help

For general questions, chemical help, and chemical orders please email or call the store phone and select general questions.