Tranquil Series
TS76 & TS76L

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Seats: 5 people
Dimensions: 76″ x 76″ x 34″ (193 x 193 x 86 cm)
Electrical Requirements: 110V Plug and Play
Pumps: 1 – circulation
Water Capacity: 260 gallons (984 liters)
Weight Dry: 420 lbs. (191 kg)
Filled Weight: 2588 lbs. (1176 kg)
Designed & Made: U.S.A., Woodinville, Washington

Standard Features

Water Treatment: Ozone water purification system
Lighting: 3.5” multi-colored LED in the footwell area
Energy Efficiency: E-Smart & CEC Certified
Reflective Thermal Shield
Eco-Foundation: Weather-resistant, fully insulated floor
Pillar Supports: PVC system is rot, rust and mold-resistant
Cabinet: DuraTech
Spa Control: Digital touch screen control


Water Treatment: CLEAR or UV + ozone clean water purification system

Relaxing Hydrotherapy Jets

Studies have shown that using a hot tub can benefit your health in many ways, including stress relief, muscle pain relief, improved sleep, joint pain relief, improved heart health, and more. Below is some statistics and information as to how a hot tub can benefit your health and overall wellness.

Beautiful Water Features

Beautiful waterfall features create a magical and inviting show. Sit back, relax and enjoy the waterfall features by Clearwater Spas. Soothing water features create beautiful a focal point while enjoying the sound of natural flowing water or let the water cascade over your shoulders to wash away the stresses of the world.

DuraTech Cabinetry

Clearwater Spas new DuraTech cabinets will provide the most authentic natural wood beauty with many years of ultra-low maintenance.In addition, all of our DuraTech cabinets are backed with Reflective Thermal Shield, which are rigid foam panels lined with thermal foil to provide maximum energy efficiency.


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